Religious Education Curriculum


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Religious Education program has been re-imagined!  Keeping in mind the safety of our students and catechists, as well as the needs of our families in this very stressful time, we have worked to create a what we hope will be a great program for this year.  The current plan through December is below.  We will re-assess safety and needs in November/December and make a decision at that time about the continuing with the modified program or returning to our traditional in person program for January-May.  

Kindergarten-6th Grades:

1.Monthly Family activity or presentation: Presentation on topics like the Creed or God's love for us via zoom OR a family activity, like a teaching Mass (offered in person for those comfortable attending, but also live streamed).   

2.Monthly grade level meeting via Zoom (including mandated CAP sessions).  These sessions would be lead by the catechist and would review the flexible home lessons (below).  

3.Flexible home lessons consisting of 2-3 chapters

  • Grade 2 (First Reconciliation and First Communion)- Believe Celebrate Live: Reconciliation & Eucharist (2 books, both by Sadlier), and My Booklet about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  
  • Kindergarten- no workbook, use other activities provided by the parish (Clip & Tell Bible Stories, coloring pages, worksheets)
  • Grades 1 and 3-5WeBelieve workbook from Sadlier (with family book and online resources for parent support)
  • Grade 6- The textbook is the Bible, suplpemented by worksheets and activity pages that teach things like how to look up Bible passages, and the stories of the Old Testament.  
  • Personal Safety Program- All grades also have personal safety sessions each year.  K-5th grades use Second Step, and 6-8th grades use the Archdiocesan mandated program Created for Love (the three years cover being created in the image and likeness of God & the dignity/ respect that is inherent in all creation (6th grade), virtue building & making good choices (7th grade) and vocations, healthy relationships & God's Mercy (8th grade). 
  • Optional additional materials from Project Nazareth with also be available for families who would like to spend more time as a family discussing and reflecting on the weekly readings.  Those will be included in our weekly Religious Education email.      

7th-10th Grades:

1. Watch videos/ read workbook articles at home prior to class (all video’s available online). 

2. Monthly Zoom class discussing 2 chapters of the program (if students are not doing their preparation at home prior to class, we will return to our regular schedule of class every other week, still via Zoom)

3. Speakers (Homelessness, vocations, Music and Prayer, Hunger Banquet etc.) and class service projects are delayed until second half of the year (in the hopes we can have them in person). If we are unable to, we have a flexible backup plan for each of these events.  

Catholic School Confirmation:

This shortened program is Confirmation focused and aims to add to the religious education students receive in school, while preparing them to receive the sacrament. In the hopes that we will be able to meet in person by January, this 6 session program will delay start until that time.  They use a selection of chapters from Decision Point (Dynamic Catholic)

Confirmation will be at 2pm and 5pm on May 23, 2021