News January 4, 2021

Somehow Christmas is already past and we are headed into the new year. I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation to our parish. To those who have supported our music ministry and our musicians with a kind word, a smile, or a comment on social media, I thank you. I have tried to be as creative as possible in keeping the music going with reduced music at Masses and with no congregational singing. For Christmas Masses especially, I was very mindful of not having our trumpets or clarinet, not having our beloved choirs, and of preparing substantially less music, to comport with our new, and hopefully temporary, normal. Even so, we tried to keep things joyful as we celebrated the Lord’s birth. You may have heard a new and rousing Alleluia at some of the Masses; this Alleluia, from the Mass of St. Luke, will hopefully become a new St. Bart’s ‘Christmas Alleluia.’ I tried to select some hymns that were Christmas favorites but that perhaps you may not have heard recently, to keep things fresh and meaningful, such as ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ or ‘Joseph’s Lullaby.' To everyone who participated in our Christmas liturgies, I thank you for giving of yourselves at a very difficult time. Thank you to Marty Cunniffe, Danielle Coles, Joseph Nedder, Victoria Nedder, Margaret Pobywajlo, and Emily Spence. I am so proud of our music ministry, and so proud to be the music director of this great parish. 

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Antonia Nedder
Music Director