A Letter from Fr. Derek - October 04

News October 5, 2020

A New Website for St. Bartholomew’s

I’m pleased to share with you the good news that this Tuesday, October 6th, we expect a new website for St. Bartholomew’s to go live.  Last winter we had contacted the Archdiocese of Boston about switching the hosting of our website over to them.  The pandemic delayed this for a while, but it seems we are now able to do it. 

With the website now being hosted by the Archdiocese, we will have the aid of the folks in the Information Technology department (which you support through the Annual Catholic Appeal) to assist us when needed. I think this new       website, too, will be a little easier for people to use. There are a few things, however, that I would like to point out to you:

Possible “Down Time” of St. Bart’s Website

First of all, we are planning for the new site to go live on Tuesday, October 6th.  During this process the site might be down for 24-48 hours. Our hope is that this won’t happen, and if so, not for that long, but it is important to bear in mind.

Sign Up for Masses

When you got to the website to sign up for Masses, you will no longer be greeted by the prominent wording that has been in place since May. Instead, you will see a tab at the top. When you click the tab, it will take you to the page where you can choose the Mass for which you wish to sign up.  Once you choose the Mass, it will take you to SignUp Genius as usual.  Please bear in mind:

  • The website might be down during the switch, so there may be some time periods next week that you cannot  access Mass sign up.
  • Mass sign-ups for the weekday Masses are usually available the Saturday before.
  • Mass sign-ups for Saturday/Sunday Masses are usually available by noon on Monday.

Online Giving

In recent years, St. Bartholomew’s has been using WeShare for its online giving. The Archdiocese has made an exclusive agreement with Stripe Online Processing. The use of Stripe will be beneficial to us in providing a more seamless way of accepting fees for such things as Religious Education, payment for events and other things. 

The switch to this has, however, been delayed by the pandemic.  At this time, it will be possible to make a one-time or recurring donation through Stripe, but not set up an account. During this time we are still permitted to process donations through WeShare. When the time comes that accounts can be set up with Stripe, we will be migrating everyone from WeShare to Stripe. Please note that during this interim period, if you set up a recurring donation with Stripe and you wish to change it, you will need to contact the office to do so.

I hope you all will enjoy the new website!

Fr. Derek