A Letter from Fr. Derek - November 22

News November 19, 2020
Christ, the King

On this final Sunday of the Church’s   liturgical year, we celebrate the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It is a reminder that all of creation is subject to him. Though out of love for us, God created us with free will, so that we might choose to love Him in return and serve Him as our king. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on that reality, and how we live it, in our lives.  Monday, the 23rd, was also the memorial of three blesseds or saints, one of them being Blessed Miguel  Agustín Pro, a Jesuit priest in Mexico during a time of great anti-Catholic sentiment. Fr. Miguel would celebrate the sacraments for the faithful in secret because of the culture at the time. The government falsely accused Fr. Pro of having participated in a failed assassination attempt and sentenced him to death by firing squad  without the benefit of trial. In 1927, at 36 years of age, he was executed by firing squad at Mexico City. As he went to his death, he blessed and forgave his executioners and those who plotted against him. Holding a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other and lifted his arms as in the form of a crucifix, and died saying the words, “Viva Cristo Rey!” or “Long live Christ the King!” On this solemnity, let us follow Blessed Miguel’s example, and seek to live our lives so that the proclaim Jesus Christ to be our king.