A Letter from Fr. Derek - May 30

News June 2, 2021

As I mentioned at all the Masses last weekend, I am asking for everyone’s patience and understanding as we, as a    parish, chart a course in this new phase of re-opening. The governor’s acceleration of the re-opening along with the Archdioceses’ announcement of the possibility of easing COVID precautions at churches came very suddenly at the end of the week. While there are many people who have been ready for a long time to shed their masks, we need to remember a few things:

  1. The guidelines for gathering indoors without masks apply to those who are fully vaccinated.
  2. There are members of our parish who perhaps
  • Have chosen, for various reasons, not to be vaccinated
  • Are unable to be vaccinate
  • While fully vaccinated may still be uncomfortable gathering in a large group where many are not wearing masks.

While the Archdiocese has given parishes the permission to relax precautions, the final word has been left up to the pastors. As I write this bulletin column, I have not yet been able to meet with the Parish Pastoral Council about this and so I am asking the parishioners of St. Bart’s, until we have come up with a plan to make the most people possible feel safe and comfortable, to continue to wear their masks to Mass as an act of Christian charity toward those who are susceptible or not ready.  I say “most” as I know that it will be impossible to make everybody happy. I thank you for your patience and understanding.