A Letter from Fr. Derek - May 23

News May 24, 2021
Fr. Derek's

I want to say a big “Thank You” to all of you who have expressed your best wishes recently, whether it was at the drive-bye on Sunday, before or after Mass, or at other times. The expressions of love and support that you have all shown has been overwhelming. I greatly appreciate it. It will certainly be difficult to leave such a wonderful parish.

Thank you, too, to the parish for the gift of the beautiful chalice.  It is stunning and is something I will certainly treasure and I will remember you all each time I use it. It is traditional that sacred vessels, chalices and patens which will hold the Body and Blood of Christ, be consecrated (or at least blessed) prior to use. I already have an email out to Bishop Reed with a request that he consecrate this for me. 

While we await the appointment of a new Administrator and prepare for my departure in June, let us continue to keep one another in prayer.