A Letter from Fr. Derek - May 09

News May 11, 2021
Virgin Mary

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day. During this month of May we honor, in a special way, our Church’s Mother, Mary. It was not long ago that, on Good Friday, we heard Jesus commend the Apostle John to the care of the Virgin Mary (“Behold, your mother.”). In so doing, he has  commended us to the  prayers of Mary as well and we seek her  intercession as faithful children. Next week, at the 9:45 Mass, we will have our First Communion class crown the statue of Our Lady. May is a wonderful month to look at our relationship with the Mother of God and to ask ourselves if we seek her intercession and her guidance in the ways in which we ought. As a loving mother, she is always ready to come to the aid of her  children. If you do not already have much of a devotion to Mary, this would be a great time to focus on that relationship. Why not try to find the time to pray a rosary each day. Or at least a Hail Mary, or ten, at a particular time of the day each day.