A letter from Fr. Derek - December 20

News December 23, 2020
Virgin Mary

It is hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I’m sure that for all of us this will be a Christmas unlike anything we have ever seen. We have been through so much this year that we could not have anticipated back in January. We didn’t see a year like this coming. I find myself wondering about that first Christmas. Joseph and Mary, I’m sure, had plans for their life together, and didn’t see an angel from God intervening with the message that Mary was to have a child and that this child would be the Son of God. It was challenging them for sure. Scripture points out to us that Joseph had, at first, intended to divorce Mary quietly, not knowing how she had conceived. Yet both Joseph and Mary trusted in the Lord’s providence for them, and rejoiced in the birth of the Son of God. As we move forward toward this Christmas, let us continually put our trust in the Father’s loving care for each and every one of us and rejoice with Mary and Joseph on this Christmas day knowing that, regardless of what is happening in our lives, God is With Us.