Confirmation Information Sheet

This Information Sheet must be completed by students planning to be Confirmed in May 2023, DUE NO LATER THAN APRIL 1, 2023.  Before completing the sheet, students will need to gather information about their baptism. 

Baptismal certificates with a raised seal (no photocopies or pictures) must be submitted to the parish (Religious Education, 1180 Greendale Avenue). Those baptized at St. Bartholomew or St. Joseph, Needham do not need to submit a certificate.  Any student who is not a registered parishioner at St. Bartholomew or St. Joseph, Needham must submit a letter of permission from their pastor.  Both of these items were due at the time of registration, so if you have not completed them yet, please do so as soon as possible.  

Confirmation Name

The taking of a new name signifies a new way of living in Christ.  Traditionally, when a person became a religious brother or sister, they were given a new name, a sign of dying to this world and beginning a new life in Christ.  At your Baptism, the first question your parents were asked is, “What name do you give your child?” and then you were baptized and began your life in Christ.  The sacrament of Confirmation “completes” the sacrament of Baptism, as such we begin a new stage of our life in Christ and it is traditional to take the name of a saint at Confirmation. The angels and Saints model for us what it truly means to live a life according to God’s will, and are powerful patrons who intercede for us.  Over the next few months, you should seriously consider who you are and the person of virtue God calls you to be.  The saint whose name you choose should be one with whom you have a connection; he/she may be the patron saint of an activity about which you are passionate, or have shared struggles, or model character traits you wish to emulate.  On your confirmation information sheet, you should explain your reasons for choosing this saint’s name.  


Sponsor Requirements: 

  • Must be designated by the candidate, candidate’s parent (or one with parental authority) or, in their absence, by the Pastor or Minister, and must have the intention of being a sponsor.  (May be male or female)
  • Must be a Catholic who has been confirmed, who has received the Eucharist and who practices the faith.
  • Must not be prevented from participating in the sacraments by church penalty.
  • Must not be the father or mother of the candidate.
Candidate's Name
Name of Church of Baptism and City,State
Mother's Name
Father's Name
Sponsor Name
Confirmation Name