A Note From Fr. Derek

Last weekend, Needham experienced a terrible loss of life.  Two high school students were killed in a pedestrian accident and another young woman in town was stabbed to death.  It was a horrific weekend for the town.  Let us continue to pray for the repose of the souls of Talia, Adrienne and Olivia, as well as for all those who have been involved in these incidents, all those affected by the loss of these young women, especially their families and loved ones.

This loss of life at such a young age reminds us of how fragile and precious life is.  It reminds us, too, what a gift life is.  None of us wills ourselves into being, but each life is a precious gift from God.  A few days ago, on Ash Wednesday, many of us received ashes upon our foreheads, possibly accompanied by these words:  “Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return.”  The beginning of Lent invites us to call to mind that we live on this earth for just a short period of time (be it one year or one hundred years) and that we will one day return to God.  Lent is a time of reflection and reconciliation.  Let us spend these forty days of Lent seeking to draw closer to God by opening our hearts to him and allowing ourselves to become more dependent upon him and less upon the things of this world.  Let us seek to turn away from those attitudes that separate us from God and seek more and more to do his will, loving him and our neighbor.

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