A Note From Fr. Derek

Last week I wrote about preparing for Advent and, lo and behold, Advent is upon us.  I want to write briefly about preparing, in a practical sense, for our Christmas this year.  I mentioned at the Masses that this year we have a very short Advent.  Because Christmas falls on a Monday, we move directly from the Fourth Sunday of Advent into Christmas Eve on the same day.  We do not celebrate a fourth “week” of Advent.  There can be a temptation to think, “This is great….If I go to Mass on Christmas Eve, that satisfies my Sunday obligation and my Christmas obligation!  I can get two-for-one!”  In reality, the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve are two very distinct celebrations.  It is important that we celebrate each of them in their proper way.  On Christmas Eve we begin our celebration of the birth (nativity) of Jesus Christ.  It does not satisfy our obligation to observe the Lord’s Day on Sunday.

I also want to take this opportunity to let you know what the Christmas schedule will be. After consulting with the staff and the Parish Pastoral Council, I can let you know that the Mass schedule for the weekend of Christmas will be the following:


Fourth Sunday of Advent

(Normal Sunday Schedule)

4:00 Saturday; 8:00, 9:45 and 11:30 Sunday
Christmas Eve

(Sunday Evening)

4:00 Mass in the church preceded by concert at 3:30

4:00 Mass in Ward Hall with musical prelude at 3:45

6:00 Mass in the Church preceded by singing of carols and the Nativity Pageant at 5:45.

Christmas Day

(Monday Morning)

8:00 Mass

11:00 Mass

Both Masses with cantor and trumpet


Please note that there are only two Masses on Christmas morning, and that the second one starts a half-hour earlier than our usual Sunday Mass at 11:30.

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