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The word ‘independence’ means many things to many people. It can also be used inappropriately to satisfy one’s own needs. Mostly thoughts of its celebration, however, turn to cookouts, fireworks, parades, races, and so on. The military are usually included in the remembrances of this day for without them, past and present, we would not have maintained an independent country. So what is appropriate in this word?

Wouldn’t everyone of us loved to have been sitting in the balcony back in the 1700s when men discussed, argued, and helped one another to reach a consensus establishing a new constitution for a new country? Their intelligence, cooperation, give and take worked as here we are hundreds of years later in a country which has worked hard, with much difficulty at times, to remain independent from another’s rule. Independence means freedom from another’s rule over us. But it is not independence from one another. To protect our country from implosion requires us all to value what we were given. Freedoms, opportunities, cooperative working together to protect our Constitution values, and so much more. Independence Day should make us stop to consider much more than just hot dogs and burgers. Look around at all that we have — each of us individually. To live in this country, to worship our God without another dictating the conditions, to go to bed without the sounds of war outside our windows, sending our children to schools every day without fear, a roof over our heads, food, a place to call home, so many blessings. So many freedoms and opportunities that others in the world give up all to come here.

Independence Day, a day which doesn’t mean that we have to or should agree on every thing. Life was never promised to be fair either in the Constitution or by God. But we were all given a life and, lucky us, a life in this country. We need to be aware and be conscious of our gifts. And we need to remember and give thanks for these gifts and the people who work to create an environment in which we can flourish in our independence. Even better would be that we, each of us, would be these people who make life better for another. If life were fair, then we would all equally be geniuses, great musicians, poets, athletes, etc. But we are not. What we are is all human with our own unique gifts capable of doing many things, which put together, make for a great life for ourselves and for others. What our country gives us is oppor- tunity. Independence, maybe I’ll just choose to………………..this day. Be happy, especially on this day. Enjoy your friends, neighbors, family, and country. And know that tomorrow, opportunity awaits you. It is yours to do with as you wish.

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