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CQ means Curiosity Quotient. We read all kinds of reports about how to keep our brains alert and young—-do puzzles—learn a new language—engage more in social discussions—stay healthy with more exercise—the list is endless. The brain’s abilities are a unique package as each of us is different despite the brain’s commonalities. We can learn about our various skills and abilities, some in concert with others; but how our brains work is special in each of us. But one thing continually proposed by those who study the brain is that the brain is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better it functions.

How does living in this world of ‘Google’ affect our curiosities? Does it help us that we can instantaneously find an answer to even the most bizarre questions? Does this give us any satisfaction or sense of reward with an answer? The answer probably has something to do with why we are asking Google the question? Are we just settling an argument? Are we just proving a point? Am I the star because I can produce the answer to the group? But how important to us will the Google answer be in our memory bank? Is the answer Googled for me or is it for someone else? Do you look up words that you do not know? Or does the answer die without the question?

Curiosity is personal. Either you are observant and notice or hear things that raise questions in your mind, or you don’t notice them. Curiosity is finding out about something that you don’t know but wish to understand in more depth. Curiosity’s satisfaction comes from taking the next step and one that you take for yourself. You step outside yourself and go find the answer whether on Google or through some personal interaction. For instance: next to the high altar in our church, there are two statues. Who are they? On the right is St. Bartholomew, our patron saint. On the left is a statue of Jesus with His most Sacred Heart exposed. Why has this statue of Jesus been moved forward on display, some have asked. (a good sign—but did you continue with the question and find out why) In the month of May we honored our Blessed Mother, Mary. In the month of June the Church celebrates the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We are encouraged to pray to Him, ever mindful of His great heartfelt love for each of us. Knowing who He is and why His statue has been presented to us more closely should be a reminder of all aspects of God’s love—-His life, His teachings, the Trinity, His death, His Resurrection, His Ascension, His opening the gates of Heaven for our salvation with Him for all eternity and, if you are curious, so much more to learn.

Close your eyes and tell yourself how many stain glass windows we have. And what does each picture mean? Stay alive. Be curious. Your brain will love you.

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