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You can’t say ‘good-bye’ to someone whom you will always remember. “Good-bye’ has too much finality in its words. And with 14 years of a most wonderful priest guiding us, thank you in so many ways is the only appropriate separation message.

When Father Phil came to us, he said something most did not hear. He said as a Pastor, he was given a geographical area for which he was responsible. And he believed and lived and served everyone in that area regardless of the person’s faith or lack thereof. Just ask the hospital, the police or fire departments or whoever called, no matter the time of day or night. Father Phil answered the call and was there. His love of us all and his ability to be with us, especially in time of need has never been in question. His skills of compassion are almost impossible to describe. It is who he is. His thoughtfulness knows no bounds. He is empathetic not just sympathetic. He tries to walk in our shoes.

Father Phil would be the first to halt any discussion of his near ‘sainthood,’ a tendency that is easy to fall into when saying farewell to a good person. He has his faults and limitations as we all do. And he is the first to admit them. He is a giving and forgiving person, true to his priesthood calling. No one tries harder to do it all. He is constantly reading and learning in hopes of sharing ‘the Good News’ with us in a different and more illuminating way. His love of God, Mary, the saints, and all to do with his beloved church is apparent and contagious to us all. Singing may not have been on his favorite things to do list, when he arrived. But he loves music and he knows it is a wonderful form of prayer for us all. And so he has worked hard all of these 14 years. Thank you for showing us that working hard for the Lord, even when you would rather not, is rewarding. You sound great and your devotion has been recognized. May your future parishioners join with you in praise to the Lord in song—a prayer said twice.

So as we part, we will miss you—your enthusiasm —your joy in life—your contagious love of church and the Lord—your ever readiness to be at our side when needed—your friendship—your 10,000 steps around the church—your laughter and appreciation of good jokes—your spirituality—your work ethic—your energy— and so much more. We will miss you Father Phil. May God walk with you always. And we pray for your happiness and good health in your new parish. They are very lucky people.

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