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Grandma was watching a movie with her 6 year old grandson. It was about a boy who moved with his mother to a new city, new language, and in a different country because Mom got a new job opportunity. Looking out his new apartment window, he saw a playground. So he went down to look around. He was soon noticed by a group of boys, about his same age. Talking to him in a language the boy didn’t understand, they began to push him around and hit him. The next day in school the same group of boys came up to him again and again began to bully him. Grandma thought enough is enough, even if this movie has a happy ending. And so she shut it off and began a discussion about bullying. ‘Did her grandson know what it was? Has it ever happened to you? “YES” Tell me about it.’ Her grandson explained how one time some boys were mean to him at recess. ‘And what did you do? Grandma asked. “I ran to stand next to the teacher and then they went away.” How very sad that our children ever have to experience fear in what should be a safe place in their world.

Fear, however, is a fact of life in every age. But what do others do who don’t have a ‘teacher’ to run to to be safe. And as we get older, we can’t necessarily run away. But we still seek a safe place in our minds and emotions. Our fears today are not necessarily right across from us, but may come from people and places over which we have no control and even possibility are not even physically near us. There are other fears of a personal nature—poor health, not enough money, accidents, surgeries, loss of loved ones, mobility, loneliness, etc. etc. etc. Nobody escapes some of these anxieties. Even Jesus’ chosen ones were afraid. And when questioned by Jesus, Peter replied ‘Where could we go? You are our Lord.’ They knew that there was no safer place than to be with the Lord and follow Him, even if they did not understand all of which He said. And so should we recognize that there is no safer place than to put our trust in Him. He is our Lord, our Savior. In ‘Jesus we place our trust.’ This can be difficult, especially if we mistakenly think that all worldly problems must be settled through worldly ways. Unfortunately, too often the way out of issues that seem overwhelming has become suicide, even for our youngest children. (Last week’s news—-11 year old boy, a victim of bullying took his own life.) It is hard to accept in the throes of such difficulties to realize that this is always a permanent solution to a temporary problem. God is our protector. He never leaves our side, if only we seek His aid.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if others saw us a a safe place! But first we have to notice those around us who need a safe place. Our thoughts for the week, this and every week, is to open our eyes and ears to those around us who need someone to listen and need a smile.
Today you might be the only one who says Hello or gives someone a smile. Be that person.

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