Notes from the Pastor

Reflections for 6th Sunday of Easter:  Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. He has overcome sin and death. May each of us find a reason to rejoice in the risen Lord Jesus. In addition to the Resurrection We are told to notice the works of the Lord. There are many works of the Lord in all of our lives. The event of the Resurrection clearly shows us that we should believe in the name of Jesus and love as He has commanded us. The one who keeps the commandments loves Jesus. Are we witnesses to the wonderful deeds that God has done among us?

In today’s readings Jesus makes it quite clear that He will not abandon us. He did not leave His disciples alone and He will not leave us alone. He offers us every reason to have hope. Hope is the virtue that enables us to look to the future with real confidence. The readings today encourage us to be open to the love and will of God and to praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is within. How open are we to the Holy Spirit and how sensitive are we to the needs of others particularly when they are in trouble? Our prayers at Mass must carry over into the daily activities of our lives. We are in this together; God is asking us to be the best and to do our best.

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