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St. Bartholomew Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic parish located in Needham, Massachusetts. We are a faith-filled community of believers, engaged in a wide variety of stewardship activities. We have a religious education program for children and many ministry programs for adults.

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Reflections on 4th Sunday of Easter Readings: Do we wish to be healed of all that is troubling us? Today is Good Shepherd Sunday. Jesus is the one who makes good shepherding possible. Today is a day to pray in a special way for vocations to the Priesthood and the Consecrated Life. We are all people on a spiritual pilgrimage journeying with our shepherd, Jesus. Love makes a person brave. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who is trying to lead all of us to eternal life. Jesus is the model of the Good Shepherd as we see in today’s gospel. Jesus is always concerned about the well-being of His people. God seeks to heal us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus’ Resurrection shows us how powerful the personal presence of God is to each of us. Jesus knows and loves all of us, his flock. May each of us seek to understand the importance of the lessons and examples of Jesus’ obedience and resurrection and how this speaks to us about everyday living. Are we willing to give our lives for others? Fulfillment is found in unselfishness.

The way we live our belief in the resurrection is observed and known in how we view the experiences in life and how we respond whether it be through repentance and showing forgiveness or how we are there for others. The hospitality of the Good Shepherd sets the example for all of us to follow. Are we willing to extend this hospitality? We know who the good and concern people are. In seeking to care for others, as we know, we willingly share our blessings of time, talents, and treasures. The call of our Baptismal promises is a call to share our time, talents, and treasures with others. The big and little kindnesses we show to others reflect our response to God’s gifts in our lives. We must be concern about the welfare of others. One of the ways we show concern for others is to pray for the wellbeing of the Church which includes praying for vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life. Each of us has a part to play in encouraging people to consider religious life or priesthood. Life is so much more richly blessed when we know and experience the love of God. When there are priests among us to administer the sacraments, share God’s Word with us and bring God’s pres- ence to others we can experience the Resurrection and share in the new life of Christ.

Seminarian John Scott: This weekend is John’s last weekend with us. We thank him, wish him the best and pray for him as he journeys with the grace of God to priestly ordination.

First Communion Class: On Saturday May 3rd. our second graders will be receiving their first Holy Communions. Our prayers and well wishes are with them.

Second Collection This Weekend: April 25 and 26th:This week’s second collection supports three important national Catholic missions. The Military Archdiocese collection provides for Catholic chaplains throughout the world for American servicemen and servicewomen. The Home Missions collection subsidizes the evangelization and formation activities of mission dioceses. The Black and Native American collection strengthens evangelization and outreach programs which would otherwise be in danger of disappearing among the Black, American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut communities in the United States. For more information, please visit www.usccb.org or www.milarch.org.

Catholic Appeal: Helping others is one of the ways we say thank you to God. Presently 112 donors have pledged $47,800 which is 60% of our goal. Your help and participation is essential. Thank you for what you do.

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Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing: Time Talent Treasure


Every year a word or two or three words or a phrase come into our daily speech and catch on. If it hangs on long enough, Mr. Webster will have to put it into the word ‘bible’, the dictionary.

A Helicopter or Free Range parent is a definition label that is getting a lot of press, discussion, and
even causing some legal issues. A helicopter parent is one who hovers over and around the child, inhibiting most independent actions , and thereby ‘securing his/her safety’ by constantly planning the child’s supervised activities or life in general. A free range parent gives the child less supervision and lets the child decide many of his/her own activities. These chosen activities do not necessarily have the same amount of adult supervision for the activity or for the transportation. A child may walk, run, ride a bike on his/her own or with friend(s). This group believes that this type of life increases the child’s independence and creativity. Recently, two brothers walking home from elementary school, through a city park, were stopped by the police and social services visited the parents questioning the children’s safety and the possibility of neglect on the part of the parents. No judgments will be made here. It is not a case of right or wrong. Rather, certain concepts should provoke a thoughtful awareness and provide plenty for discussion with others.

Another thought to ponder. Do you think our God is a helicopter, hovering God or is He more free range? Do we believe He is one way, but wish He was more the other? Is God all present to prevent us from mistakes, protect us from dangers, and always send us messages about what He wants and does not want us to do? Or has He given us direction through Jesus, His prophets, the Bible, and today’s Pope, priests, nuns, and others? With such direction does He let us go to find out for ourselves, through personal experience, the right and not so right way to live up to His hopes for us? How do we feel about this relationship each of us has with God? No two of us have the same experiences from childhood to now. However, all of us have been taught to believe that we are God’s children. Do we accept the parenting ways of God with love, mercy, and forgiveness as His primary responses? Or do we have different expectations and troubles in this relationship?

And where does free will come into this discussion? Something to think about.

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If anyone needs a ride to a church service or wishes a home or Communion visit, please contact me.

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