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St. Bartholomew Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Needham, Massachusetts. We are a faith-filled community of believers, engaged in a wide variety of stewardship activities. We have a religious education program for children and many ministry programs for adults.

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Reflections for Trinity Sunday: The catechism of the Catholic Church calls the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity the most important mystery of our faith. Do we show enough awe for the greatness and the glory of this mystery? Each time we gather at Mass and each time we bless ourselves we are mindful of the role that the Trinity plays in our lives. Each Sunday as we pray the Creed we are mindful of the role that the Trinity plays in our lives. God is always acting in history and in our lives on behalf of us to strengthen the bond of love between God and us. God, the Blessed Trinity three persons in one God is the perfect community of love. God is with us and for us. What God does is an extension of who He is. The Trinity is about relationship and the Trinity certainly sets the example for all. By virtue of our Baptisms we have a wonderful opportunity to proclaim to the world how blessed we are. We share in the mission of the Trinity through the power of the Holy Spirit. How do we invite others to believe in God?

Confessions: Just a reminder: Face to Face confessions are offered each Saturday from 2:30 to 3 P.M. in one of the crying room in addition to 3:15P.M. to 3:45 P.M. in the confessional.

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers Needed: As summer is approaching and some of our Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers are going to be away for part or all of the summer we are in need of more Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. Anyone who is interested is asked to speak with the pastor or a member of the parish staff. We will train you. We really can use your help. Thank you.

Catholic Appeal: Thank you to those who have already responded to the Catholic Appeal. To date 153 donors have pledged $73,198 which is 90 % of our financial and 82% of our participant goal. Please prayerfully consider how you can help if you have not already helped. The Archdiocese of Boston is hoping that the Appeal can be reached by the end of June, as there are great needs in many areas for financial assistance. There are pledge forms in the benches and at the doors of the Church. Thank you for all of the wonderful things that you are making possible.

Supporting people who advertise in our Bulletin: The Church bulletin that we publish each week is one of the ways we let you know what is going on in the life of the parish. This is paid for by those who advertise in the bulletin and I invite you to make use of their services and if you wish please invite others to place adds in the bulletin.

Rides Needed:We are pleased to let you know that an SMA Father will be joining us for the summer. Fr. may need a ride from time to time to respond to emergencies. Anyone who would like to volunteer to give him a ride is asked to call the rectory.

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Stewardship: A Way of Life

Sharing: Time Talent Treasure

Quite easily for most, a definition of love could be had: parental love, friendship love, marriage love, love of country, and so many more. Like is a little harder to be specific about.

No human could possibly put into words a true definition of the scope of God’s love for us. Perhaps we don’t have the proper words. Maybe knowing the true depth, the breath, the intimacy of this love is beyond our grasp. “Simon Peter, son of John, do you love Me more than these?” And Peter answered, “Yes, Lord, You know that I love You.” Three times Jesus asked this of Peter with Peter responding the same, “Yes, Lord, You know that I love You.” After each of Peter’s responses, Jesus answered with “Feed My lambs; Tend My sheep; or Feed My sheep.” (John 21:15-19) At another time Jesus gave His people the teaching parable of the shepherd’s (God) very special joy at finding his lost lamb.

Every parent tries to love his/her children with joy, patience, and enormous effort to provide for them in all ways possible for the ‘good life’. But let’s face it. Our children are people, just are we. Some children are funny, easy going, cooperative, or pleasant to be around, usually. Others will try our patience and cause upheavals that affect everyone in their presence. And these personality habits are what they are. This hap- pens with our friends, our work mates, our neighbors, our church acquaintances and so on. Some people are more likable than others. We enjoy being around them. We find commonality. Some others require greater efforts from us just to maintain a relationship. Do we love those troublesome children less? Or do we find the work we have to put in to go on in these relationships worth the effort? Some people are not as likable as others, family or not. So should we love them less? Or not work so hard to keep things going? Can we love when we don’t like?

“Simon Peter, do you love Me?” ‘Feed My lambs. Tend My sheep. Feed My sheep.” Peter willingly de- clares his love over and over. (1st Commandment–love God above all else) Then Jesus tells Peter and us that we must tend, feed, and love ‘My lambs and My sheep.’ (2nd great Commandment–love one another as I have loved you.) Jesus gave no exceptions to Peter–forget the run aways, the ones who bite you, the ones that don’t come when you call, etc. ‘Peter, the rock upon which I will build My church, teach My people to love, tend, feed, each other just as much as I have loved you, even if some are uncooperative and not lik- able.’ Not liking and we might walk away. Not loving is not an option. There is so much joy in heaven when one who was lost is found. Love is hard. Liking is much easier. Much less trouble and work. But all of life is a gift. A gift that sometimes is hard to open. But when we do, what we receive brings much joy.

Just as He said it would, now and forever.

Stewardship Questions: Kathy Reilly 781-444-0862 email: kreilly15@yahoo.com Summer (yes, summer) is coming and schedules change. If anyone finds a need for a home visit, or a Communion visit or a ride to church, please contact me. May God continue to bless us in this lovely season of His making.

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