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St. Bartholomew Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Needham, Massachusetts. We are a faith-filled community of believers, engaged in a wide variety of stewardship activities. We have a religious education program for children and many ministry programs for adults.

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Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time:

Today’s readings are encouraging each of us to look at ways in growing in self-knowledge. Do we see ourselves as sinners and in need of God’s mercy or do we see ourselves as better than anyone else? What is our attitude in prayer before God? On this World Mission Sunday the way we answer these two question influences our whole outlook on the way we relate to others.

That is to say if we recognize our sinfulness and our need for mercy we can see a need to help others because God is always helping us and that we are not better than the people we are helping. All of us are sinners and seek to help others because God does this for us.

If we think we are better than others we do not see our sinfulness or our need for God’s mercy. The Pharisees did not have the self-knowledge to recognize their sinfulness. They hid their sins and failures by looking down on others. The tax collector focused on his own sins and was very aware of his need for God’s mercy. Are we aware of our need for God’s mercy?

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As we all age it is a known fact that our bodily senses change and usually lose some of their acuity. Our eyes might require glasses, our ears don’t hear the sounds as clearly, our sense of taste changes in sensitivity, touch gets interference from arthritis, and smell might either over or under react. But does our ‘sense‘ of humor get affected by age? God gave us this special sense and in no other than humans does humor live. Does this sense dim with the aging process or is it entirely separate, not affected by age? It might be argued that with the aging process this sense should have grown in experience and usage. But has it? The answer is unique in each of us. It is unique because humor is individual and while some exposures to it find general acceptance, other times, some find humor but it is not contagious to all.

Why bring this up at all? Because a sense of humor is most often affected by the people and life around us. This gift from God is another way He gave us to bring joy into our lives — a life style that He wishes us to have. But it seems that the world we live in today is more over run by tragedy, sadness, war, hurt, injury, death, vulgarism, thoughtlessness, selfishness, and an outlook that focuses more on the big picture than the little joys that are all around us every day which we do not bother to notice. As we examine our conscience at the end of each day, instead of focusing just on the good or bad, the right or wrong, do we ever think about how often we smiled or found humor this day? Humor affects our whole body and soul. We feel relief, feel good, feel relaxed, feel more in touch with goodness in this world, if only for a moment. Humor makes us happy. Humor lets us forget for the moment and maybe longer that all is not wrong. Sometimes even without words we can look at someone, hear a voice, see a picture that brings a smile or hopefully a chuckle to our lips. Do we encourage this in our lives? Do we recognize this need for humor for the good life? Do we want humor that does not attack another person in any way? Or are we so use to humor at the expense of another, that we accept this as good humor? Humor is complex. And so are we in our relationship to it. Do we share our humor? Just listen to words in our songs. Watch our TV shows and be sure to laugh with the canned laughter that you have been provided with in case you did not recognize that this was funny. Read the papers, look at the cartoons, is anything as funny as we seemed to remember it was? If thoughtful, clearly recognizable humor does not reach into your mind and soul, it is missing what we need most — a real connection with another.

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